Camp Soft Landing

Providing a comfortable setting for visionary discussion and tea service amongst the mayhem of Black Rock City

Greetings Camp Soft Landing!

We’re excited to get dusty with all of you soon!

Annie and Pez are delighted to announce that camp leadership has peacefully passed on to Starfox and Tryp, Soft Landing’s new camp coordinators. Camp is in able and quirky hands.

In 2016 the Full Circle Teahouse and Palenque Norte Speaker Series will return to Camp Soft Landing. We’ll also be incorporating a new interactive art project, a virtual reality installation! More details about that to come soon.

Moving and reorganizing storage

Camp Soft Landing is looking for a new storage location! If you have resources of suggestions for affordable storage options, please contact us at


As usual, Soft Landing will be organized into pods. This year these will include Dust Hazard, Camp Now, Teahouse, Palenque Norte, Virtual Reality, System 3, and others. Please contact your pod leader for information about your group. 

New camp members

Soft Landing only incorporates new members through personal sponsorship. If you’d like to invite someone to join our camp, please consider how this person will integrate with and contribute to Camp Soft Landing. If folks are interested in joining Soft Landing for the first time, please have them contact us or fill out this form

Camp amenities

Planned camp amenities for 2016 include an improved community kitchen, camp shower(s), gray water evaporation for campers, and a Tuesday night taco potluck. We’re interested to connect groups within camp who would like to contribute by setting up, maintaining, and/or fully striking and MOOPing all of these amenities. Funding for materials, as well as reduced camp dues, are available for bottom-lining these projects. If you’re interested, please contact us at about doing this.

Camp dues

In very exciting news, we’re introducing a new dues structure for the members of Camp Soft Landing! We started with a midpoint that kept the same dues and participation as previous years, and then added some flexibility. We want to make sure everyone who wants to camp with us has the opportunity to do so, and we hope that this structure makes Soft Landing more sustainable and engaging for everyone.

$50 early bird discount if you pay by July 15!

  • $100 and 5 volunteer shifts
  • $200 and 3 volunteer shifts
  • $400 and 1 volunteer shift

+ $100 refund after the burn if you help with strike Sunday through Tuesday

Pay dues here, or contact us at to pay with cash or another method. You'll be able to sign up for volunteer shifts in google spreadsheets using the links below or on the webpage where you can pay dues. You'll need to input the date and time of your confirmed shifts upon paying dues.

There are also a few opportunities to intern with the camp and art organizers, in exchange for a waive of your camp dues. These opportunities will involve a time commitment of 20 hours or more on-playa (as well as opportunities to participate off-playa!) and give you hands-on experience with the logistics, organization, management, placement, and other details of running Camp Soft Landing. If you’re interested, please contact us at

What do camp dues pay for? Camp dues pay for storage and transportation of camp infrastructure, as well as additions and improvements to our gear. Dues also help cover the expenses of our public art projects. Your dues money and participation make a huge difference in our ability to create a wonderful place for a soft landing in Black Rock City :)

Participation opportunities

Load and unload: We will load up the box truck in the San Francisco Bay Area on Sunday, August 21. Any and all camp members are welcome to help with this loading! We’ll unload on Wednesday, September 7. Help with unload is especially appreciated, as we will all be the tiredest and dustiest and utterly amazed by bright-eyed folks who have already been back for a day or two. We’ll provide snacks and water. Please bring gloves and clothes that can get dusty. More details about times and exact location to be announced.

Camp mayor for the day: In this role, you stick around camp most of the day. You ensure the camp community kitchen and shower stay clean and organized, answer questions campers might have, receive any fuel or water deliveries scheduled for that day, and other tasks needed for the smooth operation of the camp. You are also, as suits your level of experience and comfort, available for helping pod leaders with mediation and dispute resolution. Camp mayors work with the camp coordinators Starfox and Tryp.

Palenque Norte: The Palenque Norte Speaker series will run Tuesday-Friday, featuring a variety of illustrious, weird, and insightful speakers from psychedelia, technology, politics, and other fields. This year we’ll also be featuring DJs in the evening Tuesday-Friday. Volunteers for Palenque Norte will help with recording and audio/visual tech, and with fluffing and emceeing for the speakers, DJs, and musicians. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch all the speakers for a day! Pez leads this project.

Full Circle Teahouse: The Full Circle Teahouse offers 24-hour gongfu style tea service Sunday, August 28, through Monday, September 5. Servers share tea and empathy during six-hour shifts. The full operations of the teahouse are carried out by volunteers, so in addition to serving you can wash cups and teapots, refill jars of herbs and tea, carry water, and tidy. Annie leads this project.

VR Project: [not yet live] If you’re interested to volunteer with the virtual reality installation, just sit tight — we’ll have this ready for you soon!

When you arrive on playa

We’re already thinking about how to make our camp setup as smooth as possible. It’s not too early to mention that every one needs to check it with Tryp or his assistants when they arrive at camp. Do not unload until you are placed! It will save everyone a lot of hassle.

Thank you all for being part of our wonderful Camp Soft Landing. Please pay your dues soon, contact us with any questions, and enjoy your summers!

In community,

Starfox, Tryp, Pez, and Annie

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