Camp Soft Landing

Providing a comfortable setting for visionary discussion and tea service amongst the mayhem of Black Rock City

It’s all starting to buzz — we've been placed at 8:00 and B! The teahouse has been sampling and purchasing fine pu-erh, Palenque Norte’s lineup is filling with extraordinary speakers, we're beefing up our sound system and plugging in some sweet tunes. Camp infrastructure is getting all planned and organized, and we’re excited this year to expand our camp’s offerings to the playa with Roko’s Basilica, an interactive virtual reality installation. We’re looking forward to another safe, supportive, celebratory time together on the playa. Thanks so much for all your contributions to this community and our projects, and on to the news!

Pay camp dues and sign up for camp participation shifts here! 

This year, we’re trying out a new dues structure that reduces dues cost relative to how much you participate in camp projects and infrastructure. If you don’t see the type of contribution you’d like to make in this newsletter or among the various signup spreadsheets, please contact us at

Help with CSL infrastructure preparation

Would you like to help out in the bay area getting camp ready for the burn? We’ll be making a camp shower, cleaning the teahouse’s water tank, cleaning tea gear, fixing up bikes, and getting together all the other pieces that will contribute to an excellently prepared camp. If you’re interested to get some shifts toward your dues out of the way before the burn, please use this spreadsheet to indicate your availability and the best way to get in touch with you about this, or contact us at

Arrive on playa Saturday, August 27

You read that right, the powers that deign have permitted theme camps to give their members passes to arrive on playa on Saturday, August 27 (before the general gate opening time of 12:01 AM midnight on Sunday, August 28). This is intended to reduce traffic during peak gate hours. If you’re interested in one of these passes, please contact us at by August 18.

Yoga in the Palenque Norte tent

This year, several members of Camp Soft Landing will be hosting twice daily kundalini yoga practices. There will be morning yoga Sadhana (transcendental advanced) for an early practice (4-6am), and a later morning practice at 10am. There may be other popup classes, sun salutations, and other explorations. Sukhmandir Singh, founder of the Kundalini Research Institute, will be teaching. This practice offers exploration of the chakra system, consciousness expansion, focus and grounding. Each practice includes a strong breathwork component,  chanting and a thorough gong session. All are welcome.

A note from CSL placement

On arrival at CSL, please, please make sure you contact Tryp or his team for placement if arriving Saturday - Monday. Contact the mayor of the day if arriving Tuesday and later. That beautiful open space with the nice morning shade might be a fire lane walkway or have another such use. If you arrive in the wee hours and no one is able to place you, perhaps relax in the teahouse and someone will help you first thing in the morning. The CSL placement team thanks you!

Participate as a Full Circle Teahouse shift lead

Full Circle Teahouse Shift Lead: These shifts begin at 9 pm each day, and last for 24 hours. Each teahouse lead shift counts as five shifts toward your camp dues. The teahouse lead runs that day’s new server trainings at approximately 11 am and 7 pm. This person also makes decisions about balancing the needs of the various patrons of the teahouse, and should be prepared to help those having difficult experiences to find the right support. If you have experience serving with the teahouse and would like to learn more about how it runs behind the scenes, this is an excellent opportunity. 

Intern with camp organizers and art project leads

There are also a few opportunities to intern with the camp organizers and art project leads in exchange for a waive of your camp dues. These opportunities will involve a time commitment of 20 hours or more on-playa (as well as opportunities to participate off-playa!) and give you hands-on experience with the logistics, organization, management, placement, and other details of running Camp Soft Landing. If you’re interested, please contact us at

Create and maintain camp infrastructure

Always wanted to see a better shared cooking space or camper gray water system in Soft Landing? More communal shade? If you'd like to contribute to camp by planning, transporting, and maintaining a part of camp infrastructure, please be in touch about your ideas. We'd like to see camp's amenities grow in an organic and strategic way, and have some resources to offer toward practical improvements such as a better camp kitchen and gray water for campers.

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Thank you for your gifts of attention, service, and camaraderie
- Starfox & Tryp

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