Camp Soft Landing

Providing a comfortable setting for visionary discussion and tea service amongst the mayhem of Black Rock City

How to Land Softly at Camp Soft Landing

Many of you have been asking us how this all works. What do we do when we arrive? What resources are provided by camp? What should I bring? Hopefully this newsletter answers all of your questions and then some! Any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us

When you arrive on-playa

Come directly to Camp Soft Landing at 8:00 and B. Look for the large white Palenque Norte tent and our signs! If you’re arriving on Monday or earlier, ask for Tryp, and he’ll get you placed within camp. If you’re arriving Tuesday or later, ask for the camp mayor, and they’ll get you situated. The camp gear depot has a couple of camp sledgehammers (and rebar removal tools) that we can share as long as they come right back when you’re done!

Camp amenities

Community kitchen: This includes shade, seating, tables, prep space, cutting boards, knives, mixing bowls, pots, skillets, burners, fuel, and a wash station. You need to bring your own food, water, plate/bowl, and spoon/fork. Please contribute to keeping the space clean and organize, especially by packing out any MOOP!

Camp shower: It will have a battery-powered shower head. You submerge the pump in a pot or bucket that will be in the shower with you, as the hose is only six feet long. You need to bring your own water, toiletries, and towel. You will need to remove your own gray water from the bucket under the shower after your shower. You can heat your water with the sun during the day in a dark-colored jug, or use one of the burners in the camp kitchen. The shower heads we’re using this year will be recharging in the community kitchen area if they’re not at the shower.

Hopefully, gray water processing for campers: Details are still pending, expect an update soon. We’re not satisfied with a filthy evaporation pond, so we need to have a slightly more resource-intensive gray water evaporation system. Thanks for your patience on this count. If your group is able to help bottomline this part of camp infrastructure, camp organizers are happy to provide resources!

Power: Outlets for charging small devices and battery packs are available in the teahouse 24/7. Outlets for small appliances are available in the community kitchen. There is no central power grid, nor is power provided for RVs.

If your personal water supply runs low (1-2 gallons per person per day is recommended), the teahouse has water available. Camp does not provide centralized water for campers’ general needs. If your pod would like to arrange for water deliveries, please contact us at, and we’ll forward you information about BRC municipal water delivery.

Camp info and communications on playa

There will be print-outs of all the participation/project schedules posted in the community kitchen and also in the art projects themselves. Camp organizers and/or mayors will be available each day. Your pod leaders are available as well, for connecting you with resources and for assistance with any interpersonal conflict that may arise. If you’re not sure which pod you’re in, you’re probably in Teahouse Camping, and your pod leaders are Annie (usually Veeta on playa) and Starfox. 

Camp meet and greet: Palenque Norte at 2 pm on Monday

Get together to say hello to all of our Camp Soft Landing campers! Most of us will have arrived by then, and it’s been a lovely tradition to all get together and say hello to faces new and familiar. This will also be an opportunity to ask questions of experienced burners, as well as the camp and art project organizers, and to relax together during the heat of the day.

When it’s time to leave

Please fully strike and moop your camping area. Pick up even the tiniest bits of flotsam. This can be hard to do at night so plan accordingly. Remember to take home all of your gear, bikes, trash, and remaining gray water.

Also in camp are three amazing public art projects!

These are our gifts to the playa, and are the bulk of what we offer together. Camp Soft Landing is not intended as a space that offers a lot to offset your personal experience of Burning Man’s principle of radical self-reliance. Instead we offer a respite, a space to meet and engage, learn and explore, that is not a bar or a thumping cacophony. Or, only tastefully a thumping cacophony. Nothing against those, just saying.

Palenque Norte Speaker Series

Returning to Black Rock City yet again (even I don’t know how many times Palenque Norte has been to the playa — definitely more than I have!), Palenque Norte features speakers on topics ranging from the visionary and psychedelic to the political and technological, with a lot of stops in between and sideways. Many of the talks are later podcast on the Psychedelic Salon, which has a very broad listener base. Some of our featured speakers this year will include Rick Doblin, John Gilmore, Rak Razam, The Teafaerie, Troy Dayton and Steve Bearman’s Psychedelics of Interpersonal Contact, and many more still to be announced! If there’s a speaker you’d really like to see in Palenque Norte this year, don’t hesitate to contact us

Full Circle Teahouse

Serving tea and empathy to the citizens of Black Rock City, the Full Circle Teahouse is nothing short of an oasis. A place to rest, socialize, rejuvenate, and delight in extraordinary company in an exemplary setting, the teahouse is our wondrous shared living room. We love to feature impromptu acoustic performances in the Teahouse, so bring your instruments! Tea is served in a style similar to the Chinese gong fu tradition, with bamboo trays, tiny pots and pitchers, and tiny teacups. We filter the water so that the tastes of our fine fermented pu-erhs and custom herbal blends play perfectly on your palate as they nourish and hydrate.

Roko’s Basilica

Roko's Basilica is a project of the Metaverse Scholars Club, a not-for-profit organization tasked with empowering as many people as possible with the technological tools of the future. The Basilica is an immersive theater experience revolving around a mixed reality art installation. The Basilica will take the form of a thirty foot dome that will hold a few surprises. The main feature will be the altar of the First Church of the Singularity, and there will also be a virtual reality hammock experience, space to chill, and much more! We are on the lookout for campmates and participants!

Participate in Roko’s Basilica

The Virtual Reality signup is ready for your eager contributions!

DJ in camp!

Want to make some thumpitythump with Palenque Norte’s sweet new sound system? We’ll be hosting pleasant musical engagements on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Palenque Norte tent from 9:00 pm until 2:00 am. These won’t count against your dues, but it should be really fun! We’ll include your name and style / genre / instrument / etc in the Palenque Norte printed materials (postcards and signs) if you sign up before August 17. Sign up here!

That’s all the news for now! I’m sure there will be plenty more soon!

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Thank you for curiosity and wonder
- Starfox & Tryp

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