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Providing a comfortable setting for visionary discussion and tea service amongst the mayhem of Black Rock City

Hello Camp Soft Landing campers!

The days are getting longer, the weather warmer… I know what season it is! It’s time to start getting ready for the burn!

We’re moving toward creating more opportunities for greater community engagement in leadership roles within Camp Soft Landing. The plan is that by spreading out the tasks involved in managing the camp, this project will flourish as leadership continues to evolve. It was an exciting step last year to pass on the camp coordination to a new duo. In order to sustain Camp Soft Landing, Palenque Norte, and the Full Circle Teahouse, we are endeavoring to make management tasks more granular.

A primary challenge with spreading out tasks and responsibilities among more people is that we must hold ourselves to a very high standard of collaborative communication. In any group endeavor, it is almost unavoidable to feel that someone is shouldering too much of the work, another person getting too many perks, and someone else failing to abnegate responsibilities they find they will not fulfill. I hope that we have a healthy enough culture in Camp Soft Landing to meet these challenges. I hope that we can be humble, so we can grow through feedback and criticism. I hope above all that we are kind, generous, compassionate, and grateful for the opportunity to grow together through giving service, nurturing community, and having way too much fun in Black Rock City and beyond.

Here’s an overview of how this process is looking logistically so far, what we still want to figure out, and what we’re dreaming of…

Full Circle Teahouse

We are introducing a crew lead role for the Full Circle Teahouse. These will be 8-hour shifts in which experienced tea servers can step up to make sure that the water is flowing, the teapots have fresh leaves, and that servers and runners have all the training and resources they need to provide excellent service. We are excited to see more members of Camp Soft Landing step into this role and contribute in a charmingly middle management-esque way to making the teahouse an ever more smoothly flowing community project.

Palenque Norte Speaker Series

Palenque Norte is returning to Black Rock City once more. Brad and Frank will be organizing this project for 2017. We plan to expand the evening music, dance, and movement offerings, and to have four amazing days of presentations, workshops, speakers, and panels.

Community Kitchen

A new pod is forming - The Bougie Kitchen will focus their camp contributions on making the community kitchen a more welcoming and functional space in which to prepare meals and socialize in camp. There are some rumblings of shared mealtimes. If you’d like to get involved, contact Dwight

Load, Build, Strike, Unload

Our beloved campmate Fifi of Dust Hazard is stepping up to lead build and strike. We also plan to bring back the strike-specific camp dues refund after its extraordinary success last year. We’re looking for more dedicated participants who want to learn more about load, build, strike, and unload in order to be part of a team that will share these responsibilities in balanced and functional ways.

Email a human

Our awesome campmate Special of Dust Hazard is managing He’ll respond to inquiries, and forward messages to the camp coordinators and project leads as needed.

Gear sort, clean, and inventory May 19-21

A few folks will gather in Reno May 19-21 to have a grand time sorting, cleaning, and inventorying Camp Soft Landing's gear in our storage unit. We've had some eager interest in this project, but may have room for a few more if you'd like to join us in Reno. Lodging and meals will be provided. Email to get plugged into this adventure!

Infrastructure Improvements for 2017

We’re considering potential infrastructure improvements for Camp Soft Landing. If you have concrete ideas or suggestions, please let us know at

Want to sponsor a friend to join camp?

Have your friend go to and fill out the form. Be sure that they mention your name in the "How did you find out about Camp Soft Landing?" section, or we won't add them to the mailing list.

Upcoming news…

Soon to come in future emails, so keep your eyes, bananas, and oranges peeled:
- Form for potential speakers in the Palenque Norte Speaker Series
- Pay camp dues and sign up for volunteer shifts

As I’ve learned from Starhawk, one of the first responsibilities of good leadership is a succession plan. These more involved leadership roles are some of the most engaged, rewarding, and enriching ways to contribute to Camp Soft Landing. By breaking up the work into more manageable, granular tasks and roles, we hope to make Camp Soft Landing’s extraordinary gifts to the playa a sustainable project. We love our home in Black Rock City, this welcoming, wise, and caring community that sprawls across many pods and years and memories and strangenesses. We are dedicated to safety, wellbeing, and exploration. We’re so excited to keep doing this project with all of you, and we’re ready for many more Soft Landings together.

Starfox & Tryp


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