Camp Soft Landing

Providing a comfortable setting for visionary discussion and tea service amongst the mayhem of Black Rock City

2016 Camper Info

Welcome to Camp Soft Landing!

We are a established theme camp of around 125 people from all over the world, many of whom are experienced Burners. In our camp, we cultivate a calm and welcoming environment to serve as a revitalizing space on the playa. Our main art projects are the Palenque Norte Speaker Series and the Full Circle Tea House. See below for more info and feel free to get in touch at any time.


Camp Soft Landing's 2016 location has not yet been released.

New Campers

We have space for more campers! They must be referred by an existing camp member who is willing to take responsibility for them. Please direct new campers to the join us page.


To be announced :D



Camp dues are being restructured for 2016 and go towards camp infrastructure, operations of the Full Circle Tea House and the Palenque Norte Speaker Series, storage and service for camp members and participants. To ensure our adequate preparation for camp, please pay your dues as soon as possible.

Note: After you add your dues payment to your cart, you will have to click the black bubble in the upper right hand corner of the screen in order to progress to complete your payment.


We hope you got lucky in the ticket sale, but if not, we'll do our best to help our campers get tickets. Please get in touch if you need a ticket or have any extras available. Good luck! 


Camp Soft Landing is comprised of sub-camps, or "pods." 2016 pods include the Full Circle Tea House, Palenque Norte, Dust Hazard, Camp NOW, Zendo volunteers, and others. Most new campers will be joining the "Tea House" pod. If you would like to form a pod or you do not know which pod you are joining please consult the friend who referred you or contact us. You can refer to your pod leader at any time with questions.

Facebook Group

We have a Facebook group for planning, where campers can keep in touch. You can request to join the group by visiting this page


We have a basic camp kitchen which includes range burners, pots, pans, kitchen utensils, a washing station and table space for food preparation and cleaning. Although sometimes large group meals are cooked, campers are expected to provide their own food. No refrigeration is provided.

Charging stations and internet access is available to campers. We do not provide electricity to camp sites or to any RVs in camp.

All campers are expected to bring their own water and pack out all grey water.

Palenque Norte

From Tuesday through Friday, the Palenque Norte Speaker Series will host visionary talks and workshops in an 1800 sq ft missionary tent. Speakers for 2016 are still TBA. Please contact if you're interested in participating.

Full Circle Tea House

Camp Soft Landing feature the Full Circle Tea House, a 1,500 square foot tea tent and community art project that serves Chinese and herbal teas. The Tea House also provides water and a quiet rest space for many hundreds of guests during throughout the week of the Burn. We look forward to drinking tea with you.



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