Camp Soft Landing

Providing a comfortable setting for visionary discussion and tea service amongst the mayhem of Black Rock City

$100 and 4 Shifts


$100 and 4 Shifts


You’re welcome to pay dues for multiple camp members at once. Upon clicking “Purchase,” you’ll need to fill out member details for each level of dues + participation that you intend to pay for. In other words, if you pay for 2 members at the $100 level, you’ll enter details for both of them within the form that pops up. If you add another member at the $200 level, you’ll enter details for them within the form that pops up for that level as well. You should be able to click “Back” on your browser to add additional levels before finalizing payment.

Before paying dues, you'll need to sign up for your volunteer shifts. Please use the spreadsheets linked in the camp email and in the additional info section here! If you need to change an intended shift, just change your name on the spreadsheet and drop us a line at

If you need a refund for camp dues, we will ask you to pay the processing fees.

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Participation Opportunities

The Full Circle Teahouse
Palenque Norte
Love Kitchen
Strike and Unload
Mayor for the Day

Mayor for the Day: One day as camp mayor counts as three shifts toward your dues cost! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday count as four. In this role, you stick around camp most of the day. You'll be the primary person in charge of the electrical and propane systems (we'll teach you everything you need to know.) Along with the teahouse kitchen crew, you'll ensure that the community kitchen and shower stay clean and organized. You'll answer questions campers might have, receive any fuel or water deliveries scheduled for that day, and other tasks needed for the smooth operation of the camp. You'll also be, as suits your level of experience and comfort, available for helping pod leaders with mediation and dispute resolution. Detailed task descriptions can be found here. Camp mayors work with the camp coordinators.

Palenque Norte: The Palenque Norte Speaker series will run Tuesday-Friday, featuring a variety of illustrious, weird, and insightful speakers from psychedelia, technology, social justice, community building, politics, and other fields. This year we’ll also be featuring music in the evening. Volunteers for Palenque Norte will help with recording and audio/visual tech, and with fluffing and emceeing for the speakers, DJs, and musicians. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch all the speakers on a day you're interested in! Frank leads this project.

The Full Circle Teahouse: The midnight to 6 am tea shift counts as two shifts toward your dues cost! The Full Circle Teahouse offers 24-hour gongfu-inspired tea service Sunday, August 25, through Monday, September 2. Servers share tea and empathy during six-hour shifts. Runners wash cups and teapots, refill jars of herbs and tea, carry water, and tidy. Annie and Roo lead this project. Detailed info about the teahouse here.

Love Kitchen: Collectively, camp is focused on making Camp Soft Landing's modest amenities as awesome as they can be for all our camp members. The greywater and camp shower attendants will help to ensure that all campers know how to wisely engage with these resources. The kitchen queen will remind people to be tidy and facilitate community interaction in the kitchen and dining areas. Indra, Lisa, and Dwight lead this project. Detailed info about the kitchen here.

Strike and Unload: Strike will begin on Sunday, September 1, and will finish with a thorough MOOP sweep in the early afternoon on Tuesday, September 3. Unload will begin in Reno on Tuesday, September 3 and wrap up in Reno on Thursday, September 5. Helping with the entire strike and unload will get you a refund on your camp dues of up to $100, to be issued after the event. Each single day of strike and unload count as one shift toward your dues.

We need lots of help with gear preparation and infrastructure creation. We're creating a less centralized, more sustainable admin and leadership structure for Camp Soft Landing, The Full Circle Teahouse, and Palenque Norte. If you'd like to be involved regularly in any or all of these projects, please let us know in what capacity -- large, small, in between, or parts unknown -- and we'll find the right way to fit all the pieces together. Final preparations will commence in Oakland on Saturday, August 17, and continue through loading in Reno until we reach the playa on Monday, August 18. Build will take place in Black Rock City Monday, August 18 through Saturday, August 24.

This year a decentralized team is bringing Camp Soft Landing back to the playa. Your contributions to pre-playa preparations matter more than ever, and we're excited to engage as many camp members as possible in making Camp Soft Landing a sustainable community-based gift to Black Rock City.

If you're interested to help with load or build, please email

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